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About Us

 AART Biotech LLC is a provider of cutting-edge beneficial microbial products and technology services. Our microbial biotechnology platform covers beneficial microbes, microbial products and enzymes, fermentation technology, industrial microbial bioprocesses, bioremediation, biodegradation, wastewater treatment, plant health and growth promoters, soil amendments, inoculants, restoration of polluted soil and environments. 

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 Agricultural soy plantation on sunny da

Our History

AART Biotech LLC was founded by two microbial biotechnologists, who believe in “green ecofriendly microbial technologies” as the main source for current and future needs of the biotech industry. Our innovative team creating the microbial products and technology has strong scientific and industrial experience and reputation.

Our Innovative Technology

At AART Biotech LLC, we create products and technologies with one main goal "ecofriendly microbial origin" with sustainable biotechnology processes. Our strong scientific and technological background enabled us to create microbial products with reliable high performance, functional stability and economic viability.    

Double exposure of equipment and science
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