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Wastewater Treatment Product

BioWasteTreater+ is formulated with highly active natural microbes and microbial enzymes based on their metabolic and multi-enzymatic activities to improve water quality, reduce BOD, COD, FOG, suspended solids, odor, ammonia, and sludge volume. Broad spectrum metabolomic and enzymatic activities of BioWasteTreater+ microbes allows them to grow and establish a healthy microbial population in different waste environments with varying water temperatures, salinity, pH, and organic levels and degrade the waste efficiently.

PACKAGING: BioWasteTreater+ is available in powder form as 5, 10, 30 lb. in plastic pails. 50, 100 and 250g as water soluble pouches and solid dissolvable tablets.  


  • Municipal, industrial wastewater, brewery, winery, and food processing wastewater with FOG

  • Wastewater plants, holding tanks, reactors oxidation ditches, lift stations, activated sludge,

  • Lagoons and wastewater ponds 

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